Elizabeth Paige

SEO Company Philippines

What is the State of SEO Companies in the Philippines? I know that this will probably not put me in the Mr. Congeniality spot but in my honest opinion, most SEO companies here in the Philippines are doing it wrong. I see websites, I see them rank for certain keywords and I think to myself: “is this really how it should be?” There are those who sell with good sales copies in their website but when you check out their rankings, they are not performing at all (it’s obvious which keywords an SEO C

Universal Muffler

As mentioned above, mufflers help silence the clamor of the pistons in the engine. Without the muffler, one could hear an incredibly loud noise. This is the reason why there are countries that have motor vehicle laws that require cars to have a working muffler. There are people who believe that mufflers are merely accessories that serve no additional purpose but noise reduction. Some also think that the type of the muffler can reduce the overall performance of a vehicle. The noisier a vehicle i

Injection Molding China

The injection molding industry has become one of the most profitable and lucrative industries over the past few years. This is mostly due to the high demand of plastic products, which have become a regular item at home, work, school, and other places. Plastic has indeed become one of the most valued materials, thanks to its versatility and durability, as well as its availability for numerous purposes. Ever since the discovery of various polymers, plastic has evolved into a reliable and trusted

Survey Tool for Websites and the Effects of Positive Surveying to...

• It is the act of starting a survey by asking respondents for a compliment rather than a concern. • This sets the respondent in a positive disposition; they look more on the good things they experienced with your service rather than the bad. • It will result to higher customer satisfaction, return visits, and sales. • It must be done with a mindset of building good customer relationship and not manipulation for the sake of higher sales numbers. • More research needs to be done in sensitive sit